Are You Know the cleanest rivers in world?

Thames River
The Thames is the cleanest river in England and is considered one of the cleanest urban rivers in the world, especially through the central area of London. The River Thames is often nicknamed the “The River of Swans” or the “Irises River” due to the large number of swans and the growth of wild irises along its banks. It is the second longest river in the United Kingdom, stretching for 346 kilometres (215 miles), and it flows through the heart of London, making it a prominent feature of the city’s landscape. The Thames has played a significant role in the history and development of London and remains an iconic symbol of the city.

Umngot River (Dawki River)

Dawki River

This river is in Meghalaya. This river is the cleanest river not only in India but also in Asia. It is 82 kilometres long and is also called Dawki River. The crystal-clear water of the Umngot River is so pure and transparent that you can see the riverbed and stones at the bottom, making it a popular tourist attraction for its stunning natural beauty.