Universities cannot run online courses through UGC franchise or outsource

17 courses not within the scope of the online system

Admissions in university colleges for the session 2023-24 are now in the final stages. The pace of admissions in regular as well as online courses is also increasing. UGC has cautioned students enrolling in courses running in open and distance learning and online learning modes.

UGC Chairman Prof. M. Jagdish Kumar says that the website of the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) has information about undergraduate and postgraduate online courses of every university, which has been approved to run in the 2023-24 session. If you want to enrol in a distance learning program then please check the website first. UGC has not allowed about 17 courses including engineering, medical, nursing, pharmacy, and law to be run in the online system.

There is no online admission to these

According to the UGC list, apart from engineering and medical, many courses cannot be studied through online medium and the courses of these streams have not been approved in the current session. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Para Medical Disciplines, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental, Architecture, Law, Agriculture, Horticulture, Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Aircraft Management, Visual Arts and Sports, Aviation, and Culinary Sciences online will not be admitted. MPhil and Ph.D. programs are also not approved in online mode.

The franchise system is also not acceptable

Those Central Universities, State Universities, Private Universities, and Deemed Universities that have the approval to run online courses cannot run the courses through franchise or outsourced systems. Admission will be done through a transparent system. The university will have direct control over whatever learner support centers it creates

What to do if I don’t get admission to the regular course?

If a student is not enrolled in a regular course, then he should not be disappointed, because the number of universities offering online courses is continuously increasing and the courses are also increasing. UGC is now also starting an e-university. New courses in many streams will also come and e-university will come next year. UGC has released the complete list regarding online courses for 2023-24. There should be such provisions in the e-university where students will also get the opportunity to do second-stream courses. UGC says that according to the rules, the value of the Degree-Diploma of the online course will be the same as that of the courses run through the regular medium. Presently, BA, B.Com, M.Com, BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, BSc Maths, MLC Mail Journalism course, MA Communication, and BA MA courses in different languages ​​have been approved through online medium.