1. Which country has won the most Cricket World Cups?
(A) Australia (B) India (C) West Indies (D) England
2. Like women officers, women soldiers will also get leave, this order is for which army?
(A) Army B) Air Force (C) Navy (D) For all three armies
3. Pollution in Delhi-NCR is in very serious condition, in this situation above how much is the AQI?
(A) Above 450 B) Above 400 C) Above 300 (D) above 500
4. Who is the High Commissioner of India in Canada?
(A) Taranjit Singh Sandhu (B) Sanjay Kumar Verma (C) Vikram Doraiswami’s (D) None of these
5. Which of the following is not in the election manifesto of Chhattisgarh Congress?
(A) Farmer loan waiver (B) Purchasing paddy at higher price C) 12 thousand rupees to a married woman (D)200 free electricity unit
6. Which Israeli minister had talked about the option of atom bomb on Gaza, which was rejected by the Israeli PM?
(A) Amihai Eliyahu (B) Benjamin Netanyahu (C) None of these (D)Both (A&B)

1A) Australia (5 times)
2D) For all three armies
3A) Above 450
4B) Sanjay Kumar Verma
5C) 12 thousand rupees to a married woman
6A) Amihai Eliyahu