Which Country scientists won the 2023 Chemistry Nobel Prize?

  1. The three scientists who won the 2023 Chemistry Nobel are originally from which country?
    A) America B) Germany C) France
  2. Where was the 2018 Asian Games held, in which India won 70 medals?
    A) New Delhi B) Jakarta C) Hangzhou
  3. In which case has AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh been arrested?
    A) Teacher recruitment B) Job in exchange for land C) Delhi Excise Policy
  4. SYL Canal dispute is between which two states?
    A) Punjab-Haryana B) P. Bengal- Jharkhand C) Tamil Nadu-Karnataka
  5. Air Force got its first LCA Tejas, how many seats is this aircraft?
    A) Single seat B) Two seat C) None of these

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Sr. No
1A. America
2B. Jakarta
3C. Delhi Excise Policy
4A. Punjab-Haryana
5B. Two seats