Which company is making world’s second malaria vaccine?

1. Which discovery has won the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2023?
A) Study of electrons in light waves B) Study of quantum mechanics C) Research on climate model
2. What is News click, which came into limelight due to the raid on 2 journalists?
 A) Newspaper B) News portal C) TV channel
3. The world’s second malaria vaccine got approval, which Indian company is making it?
A) Pfizer India B) Bharat Biotech C) Serum Institute
4. Which player won the gold medal in the women’s 5000 meter race in the Asian Games?
A) Vithya Ramraj B) Parul Chaudhary C) Mo Ziyadi
5. The petition to declare ‘Ram Setu’ as a national monument was rejected, where is it?
A) Bay of Bengal B) Indian Ocean C) Arabian Sea

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1A.Study of electrons in light waves
2B. News portal
3C. Serum Institute
4B. Parul Chaudhary
5B. Indian Ocean