Which Temple ‘Dress code’ will be applicable for devotees first time?

1. ‘Dress code’ will be applicable for devotees in Odisha Jagannath Temple. In which city is the temple located?
A) Puri B) Cuttack C) Bhubaneswar
2. Which Palestinian organization has attacked Israel?
 A) Hezbollah B) Al Qaeda C) Hamas
3. ED has arrested four officials of Vivo mobile company. Vivo is a company of which country?
A) China B) Singapore C) Hong Kong
4. The US President has been questioned in connection with the recovery of confidential documents from his house. What is his name?
A) Donald Trump B) Joe Biden C) Kamala Harris
5. According to government data, what will be the percentage of India’s unemployment rate in July 2022 June 2023?
A) 3.2 B) 4.2 C) 2.3

See Answer Here:

Sr. No
1B. Puri
2C. Hamas
3A. China
4B. Joe Biden
5A. 3.2